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For Full Introduction, Financial Support & Contact Details, click on the Introduction title. - My name is Bradeanu Andreia (also known as Andreia Sutton ). In December 1999, I met an English man from England. This man is called R. who came in Romania together with some other British in 1990 with charity aid for the poor. When we met, I started to go with this man everywhere to translate for him. I had no idea that this man, had in mind other reasons for being friendly with me. At that moment I saw him as a man who would be my friend and nothing more. He helped my family and seemed a good man, good carer, compassionate and said he was a Christian. However, although he has helped my family, I was never shore of anything. He told me that he was married and had children, but he was in the process of divorce because his wife was an alcoholic and jealous. 
In early 2000, R. began to see me as his potential ''woman''. We had much time together as friends, but then he asked me marry him. I was scared and shocked because of the age difference. Eventually I and my parents accepted. They thought he would take care of me being mature and that he will not hurt me.

Everyone in my family liked R. and it seemed like he won their sympathy and friendship. He won their heart by his way of being so good and generous as he seemed, by all the good things that he did for people in need from Romania. I agreed to marry him and was planned to get married when I would turn 16 years old, so it can be legal in England. With time I began to attach to him,as we moved together and went everywhere both of us. I got pregnant with his first child, our son David was born. We got married in Romania and afterwards we went to England, this was in March 2001. I had no peace in England because of the media, who watched us everywhere.

I got pregnant with the second child and in 2003 I gave birth to our daughter Naomi. Robert had the idea to bring in and live with us another young girl of 17 years old to help us with the children. He wanted to help her financially as her family was poor, as well as having a friend of same age as I was. R. knew the family of this young girl since 1990 and I from the moment I and R. met. Knowing that family and being influenced by R., we agreed to bring N... to us in England. Little did I know about the intentions of R. and N.... about this, I shall mention further down.

R. was married before he met me and had children from that marriage. We were in England, including N... who was living with us when R.'s oldest daughter from the first marriage, has decided to make an allegation after many years about her dad. His daughter lives in Manchester, therefore, she went to Manchester Police. The Crown Prosecution from Manchester has investigated this allegation and decided to drop it, due to insufficient collaborative evidence from his daughter. Lancashire Social Services have also investigated and asked R. to move out of the house while they investigated. After all the investigation was done, Social Services have told us that the father can move back home, that they are satisfied with their investigation and wished us the best as a family. R. was investigated but never found guilty in the eyes of the English law.

And what did I did not know about R's and N's intentions?....... I did not know it then, but they were in a secret adulterous relationship. After 6 months of lies, their relationship came to light. I caught them both in bed in our house in the middle of the night. After a short time, I learned that N... was pregnant with my husband. At that time I had two children, one the way, I was 19 and totally dependent on my husband. I decided to forgive him and try to fix our family. I made a big mistake. Since then nothing had worked anymore, nothing could be repaired. R. began to keep going between me and her all the time.

The relationship between me and R. was volatile, unstable, in strife. Our daughter Victoria, the third child was born in December 2004. N... gave birth to B... the daughter of R. in March 2005, three (3) months after the birth of Victoria. Then R. asked me to divorce him, to marry N.., in this way he would be able to bring N... legally in England.The reason given was, that he could not live at peace knowing that one of his children lives a difficult life in Romania without one parent. He knew how to reach to my heart, he knew I did not have both parents together from the age of 2. He knew how much that hurt me and affected me even into my adult life. R. used this by starting to cry in front of me for the child he had with N..., as means of getting to my sensitive side due to not having my both parents together. We divorced in Romania on the basis of adultery on his part. He married N... and brought her to England with their daughter. Meanwhile, R. moved with N... and their daughter, and I lived with my children separately.

On a summer day in June/July 2009, I was inside the house busy packing, as we were due to move house, while my children were playing in the back garden. I was kept checking on my children from time to time, as well as packing and every time I checked on my children, they were playing nicely in the garden with nothing to give me any worries. I then suddenly had Social Services knocking on our door, stating that the next door neighbor had seen my children with knives in the garden. However, my children said they were cutting the grass with knife. From that moment, our lives have never been the same, everything has fallen apart and my family was torn and ripped apart by Social Services. They have started to write false reports about my ability as a parent, that my children were misbehaving due to my parenting, when in fact it was proven by 3 different Doctors that my oldest and youngest child had been diagnosed with ADHD, by one Doctor in Romania and 2 Doctors in England. However, the diagnosis for ADHD, were ignored by the Social Services and have taken my child of the treatment, stating that they do not accept my children have ADHD, even though they were diagnosed by professional Doctors.

Later on when I read the documents, I have seen that the next door neighbor has reported me for ''NEGLECT'', this is an appalling act to carry out against someone, especially on your neighbor, whose children were playing with her children. How can anyone, do such deed, when you do not know that Mother, do not know how she is a Mother to her children and what goes on inside her house? How many times, have you as children not took a tool from your father's shed/tool box and went exploring with it? How many times you as a child, have done things children do and misbehave?  Does this mean, you as a parent are neglecting your child/children? How many parents, would have had their children taken into foster care/adoption due to such things? I feel very sad that my neighbor had the courage to tell me my children were playing with the knives in the garden, but right away she rang Social Services to report me for ''Neglect'' without speaking to me first to see what is happening, why and how. What's worse, she did not even had the courage to tell she had rang Social Services. 

At this point, SEFTON MBC, decided to re-open the case on the allegation made by the oldest daughter against her father. They had a meeting to put my children on the Child Protection list. At this meeting, were also present the School Headteacher from All Saints School from Hesketh Bank and a lady who was always saying how much she loved my son, she was working on a one to one with my son at school. The Headteacher had stated how only I, the mother, could calm David down when he was having a bad time at school. The School staff was calling me, to go in when David was having a bad moment, as they knew I was the only one who could and knew how to calm my child down. The Headteacher did not agree for my children to be on the Child Protection list, but the School lady who was working with my son did agree with it. 

So, a finding of fact was taken to Liverpool Family Court on Veron Street, against my children's father, for one family Judge Dodds, to decide if he has indeed, done the things he was acussed of. This trial was only about my children's father, I was at court every day until late afternoon. Without any warning, Judge Dodds, has stated, ''I am not taking your children away because you are a bad mother or that you do not love your children, but you cannot give your full attention to the children while you are at court and in the process of moving.'' After this trial of finding of fact, my children should have been back home, according to the statement made by Judge Dodds. However, this seems like the return of my children home, was very quickly forgotten by the court and Social Services. I was told, that I will still have parental responsability for my children, but the Social Services will have as well. They can say this again, as they have taken all my parental responsability away, although they are in foster care and nnot adopted. Please Google: ''Judge Dodds Liverpool Family Court Investigated'' This is the judge who has taken my children away, the judge allowed to still work in the family court to torn families apart in a cruel and barbaric way. 

It was Christmas Eve December 2009, Victoria's birthday..... I was alone at home, the pain was to great for me to cope with. I was mourning and grieving the loss of my children. I have always believed in God, went to church since I was a child and gave to the poor, but on this night something has happened to me. The way I have cried out to God and prayed from my depths of despair, words full of meaning, prayers and sorrow marked with the heavy highlighter of my tears pouring like a tap. From this night on, I felt different, I felt more human than at any other times in my life. I felt an inward change and I knew my life with God will never be the same. I was a different person and I certainly knew this. I felt assurance, comfort and love, I felt like a child who feels helpless, afraid and runs to Mummy or Daddy for security and comfort. Then the child gets up and goes back to play after having been nourished by the touch of his parents which gives love and comfort. This was me, that night..... a helpless child, running to her Daddy to pick me up and reassure me everything will be ok. I began to grow spiritually and to be a stronger woman, a stronger new me. There were weeks of listening to ''witneses'', his older daughter, ex-wife, niece, son, youngest daughter, who have given evidence against him. Reports and statements, including his mother, sister and brother, who gave evidence for him. After all this, Judge Dodds came to the conclussion, that he believes R. has been doing the things he was accussed of. The Judge has also considered my age and his when we met, then his involvement with N.

Social Services came up with excuses to not return my children to my full care. They stated that my children cannot come back, because it is their ''OPINION'' I cannot protect my children from their father. I did a very good job in doing all of this, before they have all got involved in our lives. Now, some strangers come and say that based on their opinions, not Facts, they believe I cannot protect my children. I was told to stay away from my children's father ''RIGHT AWAY'' or I will not have my children home. They are the professionals, who know and should know, that living with an abuser for so many years, from such an young age, it takes time, it takes help and hours of counselling. When R. found out I was in a relationship with the man who now is my husband, he would stalk me, harass me, give us verbal abuse etc. I was afraid to tell Social Services what R. was doing, as he told me if I tell Social Services, I will never see my children again (he was right in this context) When I began counselling sessions with the Psychologist recomended by the court, I began to get courage and I disclosed about what R. was doing. I thought they will help me, but they have only used it all against me, saying I have been sly and deliberately lied to them. I have never ''lied'' to them about this, I was just to afraid to tell what was happening, beacuse I had no help until that point.

I was in a meeting with Social Worker, Children's Guardian, School Nurse, Reviewing Officer for the Looked After Children and other people, when I broke down emotionally in front of all of them. I began to cry and could not speak, they asked me: ''Is R. not leaving you alone?'' I had no words to even speak, so I just nodded my head to say yes. I told them the truth because, I needed their help, I needed help to get away from this man. I was getting very abusive calls and letters, calling me horible names. My husband, who at the time was my boyfriend was being called names. R. was also saying in his calls and letters, he will do what he can not to get my children back rather than his children being with someone like my husband. All this abuse was due to the fact that he could not cope with the reality that I was moving on and he could no longer have that control over me. I reported R. to the police, who promised to put a CCTV in fron of our house, but they have never done anything to deal with this man. 

Child Protection say that I have lied to them by not telling them in the first place, with no other help, for me it was easier to be nicer to R., rather than getting all the abuse I was getting when I wasn't doing as he said or what he liked. Only I know, the disgust I felt by pretending to be nice to him, while inside I felt sick. 

I guess it is easier for them to take children away from mothers who have been victims themselves, rather than support me and my children. By telling them the truth, they have decided to take my Computer and N's, including our sim cards for forensic investigation to see if we were in touch with R. They have found that N... was still in a relationship with him and has let him to see their two (2) children. N... was going to get her children back, they were allowed to stay at home over weekends & helped her with paying the rent and to move to a new house away from R.. But, they have discriminated between me and N... they have not given me extra contact with my children, they have not allowed my children to stay at my house over weekends, never mind to consider letting them back home and certainly no help with any rent so I have a 3 bedroom house for when my children came back home.

Child Protection have always stated, I am in contact with R., while N... has moved on. N... has had the courage to tell the psychologist who made the reports on us, ''that it is more difficult for Andreia to break away from R., as she has been with him longer than her'' In fact, by the computer and sim forensic findings, it came out that it was N... still in relationship with R, while I was the one who has moved on with Alex (my husband). How could she do and say such things about me, was it not enough that she came in my family and together with R has torn it up? I thought at the time, that she must not want me to have my children at home for her to say something like that about me, when she knew all along that it was her who was in relationship with R. Sadly and painfully, her two children were adopted from that moment on, because Child Protection found she had not been truthfull to them and made them all believe she has moved on from R. Now, N's family, R and N... are blaming me for her children being adopted.

They say, I only told them R wasn't leaving me alone, as I was gealous that N was going to have her children home. That if I would have not said anything, no computer or sim would have been taken for investigation for them to find out about their relationship. This was never the case, I told the truth because I wanted freedom, I wanted someone to help me get away from this man, I wanted to put my children first. I wanted to go back home to Romania and R has applied to court behind my back by making an urgent application so I cannot take the children outside of England without his permission. This was yet another selfish and iresponsible deed to do by Robert. I would have not had my children taken away from me in such an abusive way, if he did not apply to court for me not to leave England without his permission. Yet, I am blamed by him for his failures and selfishness, blamed for N's actions for choosing herself to continue a realationship with R, when she knew the consequences. Blamed by Child Protection and Family Court, for not telling them, because I had no help whatsoever. Blamed for being alone without any help, having to depend on Robert to help me, but that has always had a price. R has always wanted something in return for any help he would give me. Blamed because Child Protection have left me more vulnerable to R than I have ever been (distraught without my children, no help from them in any way, because they have discriminated and had favourites between me and N..) 

The Social Services have stopped funding my counselling sessions which Judge De Haas has orderd them to fund. My phychologist, has written a letter to the Social Services advicing them not to stop funding my sessions, as I have started to make progress. The letter stated, ''It would be detrimental for Andreia, if you stop funding her counselling sessions at this point. The fact that she disclosed, is evidence that she has made progress and this should be encouraged. The risk would be that if you stop funding, Andreia, will see you as enemies and feel stabbed in the back, betrayed''. The Social Services, have totally ignored this letter from the Psychologist and this is exactly as I began to see them ''My Enenmies, betrayed and stabbed in the back''. I have continued to pay for these sessions myself. I continued with another 21 sessions at 50 Pounds per hour. I've done this, for my children and for myself, to become a better brand new me and more mature.  To totally detach from my children's father, to no longer be dependant on him, to be able to recognise any signs of abuse in future and act on it right away. My Psychologist has written positive reports about my progress, but they were ignored by Social Services and Judge De Haas. My children suffer emotional and mental abuse which manifests via nose bleeds, not able to sleep at night so they are on sleeping medication, banging the head on the wall, attacking the foster carers and wishing them dead for stopping to see their mother. My son was bullied and abused at the children's home for being Romanian, but as usual there is not enough evidence.... 

I have studied further on Child Psychology, Managing Children and Young People With ADHD, I had done Parenting course and Triple P, Keeping Children and Young Vulnerable People Safe Module. None of these have made any difference to SEFTON MBC. I have got married to a Romanian man and have all the conditions and posiblilities to have our children home, but none of this makes any difference to Sefton Social Services.  Ever since my children are in forced foster care, our Human Rights have been constantly trampled over and treated with contempt. My children have been bullied and abused for being Romanians, especially my son David who was placed in a children's home, where his behaviour has greatly been affected and developed special needs he did not have while at home. We were not allowed to speak our native language at contact, many broken promises, not allowed to speak about our Christian faith.As a mother, I am not invited at School plays, Parents evening, not told about their health or any other meetings about my children. I have not seen my children since December 2014. A mother from Scotland has muredered her own little child and hid his body in a suitcase in the forest. She has visitis from her other children every 2 weeks, while I, who have never harmed my children, are punished for soemthing I have never done and not allowed to see or know anything about my children.  WHY? ......  Prisoners have more right while in prison than we have. WHY? ....... ..... I hope who reads this and knows my children, will never bully them for this, because this is none of their fault. My children, need love and warmth, they are the most amazing children that I can ever have. 

R. writes the following in his statement:

''Sefton and the Courts made my children and their mother pay for the penalty for crimes they stated I had committed. So my final question is, Where is the justice in that?''

''Here I am the man you all blamed in the first place living a very happy life that will now be extended greatly due to successful heart surgery free to move about and yet the victim’s you want to victimize again. I still can’t get my head around that one but I am sure in the hardness of your own hearts you will justify putting another victim of yours into prison.'

Here you had the very words out of the horse's mouth. Justice..... What is Justice? This is British Justice, where the abusers, the guilty are walking free and happy, where the victims are victimized by those who were supossed to help.  HELP!!!!!!

I, as a mother ask and appeal to all people with humanity, to help us to be reunited as a family again. We need all support we can get, from the smallest help to the biggest.

Here is how you can help make a difference: 

  • Share this website.
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  • Speak out against abuses on genuine innocent families.
  • Organise Protests.
  • Petitions/Letters/Emails to the Government, Court, SEFTON MBC & Local MP's 
  • Finacialy, so we can pay the best lawyer there is.
  • Pray

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